Auto Key

Based in Dublin, is Irelands leading authority on automotive key coding and diagnostics.

We offer a complete vehicle key coding service for all vehicles including motorcycles and trucks – even if you have lost all keys for your vehicle. The highly specialised technical knowledge required for this type of work means that, unfortunately a lot of vehicle dealerships can, and do, run into problems when either coding keys or integrating their immobilisers into the vehicles engine ecu or instrument cluster (dashboard).

When a problem arises most workshops will lack the technology and electronic expertise to deal with these problems and will call us.

We are regularly called in to repair problems after others have failed – in fact we have had vehicles brought to us from all over Ireland and the UK for specialised work to be carried out,

Our aim is to offer a unique service to the motorist and a more cost effective way for the motorist to deal with key coding ,electrical and diagnostic solutions,

Our research and development into the ever developing key coding industry, means that we are at the forefront in transponder solutions and offer a service unique from other locksmiths around the world.

We are also pioneers in the art of opening vehicles using electronic methods ensuring there is no damage caused to your vehicle.

We hope this gives you an insight into our business and our expertise, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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